august 2016



Most important news: my sketch ensemble WOCA has a slot at UCB! Every third Monday of the month at 10pm! This is very exciting! Since I founded the group and incubated these performers and writers through One Axe and the WCCW, we’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this. Our first show on August 15 had a very warm reception! We’ve got a regular slot there for the next 6 months, and I can’t wait to see what we come up with for our future shows.

More August happenings:

  • Shot a medical conference in Marina Del Ray
  • Assisting Oriana Koren with more NY Times portrait shoots
  • Weddings and bar mitzvahs
  • Editing a couple of music videos… stay tuned!

june 2016



Took this photo as promotion for “The Art of Golden Repair,” directed by Meghan Hartmann at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Group self-portraiture – it’s an art in itself!

Being in this play was such a treat. Other happenings this month:

  • Finished “Young Food Forests” for Imaginese Productions
  • Directed several short plays for the 5th Annual Playwrights Onstage play reading at Samuel French
  • Shot the UCLA Film Showcase, for Writers and Directors – I got a real kick out of this one! So many unique scripts and short films!
  • Shot a bizarre set of sketches for Jessica Dyer – can’t wait to see how they turn out
  • Shot a concept video for Pili Valdes’ (f)art project and SO EXCITED to share this with you after we share this with investors!
  • Organized more WOCA shows at WCCW! Storytelling and standup!

april 2016


The video for Tim Heidecker’s “Work From Home” has been released! I was the Assistant Director on this shoot. As you can see, it was all one shot – putting it all together was like magic! So glad I got to work with Austin Kearns (director), Brandon Kapelow (DP), Jennifer Goodridge (producer), and the production teams of Whitelist and JASH.

More in the works:

  • Putting together a music video for LA/OC prog-rock band Media Jeweler;
  • Putting the finishing touches on the Bresee Center’s Food Deserts short documentary, which will premiere in May;
  • Directing a music video for the Amanda Castro Band in May;
  • Directing another sketch/storytelling night at the Women’s Center for Creative Work for Women of Color Anonymous (formerly Women of Color in Comedy LA) in June;
  • Performing in “The Art of Golden Repair” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June!

march 2016


Finally put on the Women of Color in Comedy showcase at the Women’s Center for Creative Work, produced by One Axe Plays! I am so glad that I gathered this ensemble of women and got a chance to direct them in their hilarious & heart-rending short-form comedic plays. Needless to say, there will be many more to come!


  • working as an AD on yet-to-be-named projects!
  • much wailing and gnashing of the teeth over my play scripts and screenplays!

Things are cooking, folks!

december 2015

  • wrote and directed a short film for JFS!
  • worked on a few sets, contributing to GREAT projects! can’t wait to reveal more about them!
  • participated in the one axe plays armory residency in pasadena – a fantastic week of collaborative theatre with other female writers, directors and actors!
  • making wonderful new connections and planning future creative collaborations!